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Matrix Science Medica (MSM)

Published and Hosted by Wolters Kluwer , Medknow since 2019.

Medicine is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Contemporary medicine applies biomedical science, biomedical research, genetics, and medical technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury and disease, typically through pharmaceuticals or surgery, but also through therapies as diverse as psychotherapy, external splints and traction, medical devices, biologics, and ionizing radiation, amongst others. Matrix Science Medica (MSM) is an international medical journal open to physicians and scientists from the field of biomedicine and related research. We welcome all contributions that enhance or illuminate medical sciences. Matrix Science Medica (MSM) is a multidisciplinary medical journal published by the Zibeline International Publishing. The journal is peer-reviewed and published biannual in both paper and electronic form. The language of MSM is English.